Dealing with containers that failed to upload

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Sometimes things do not go as intended. Want to confirm if all your containers have been uploaded, noticed some of your containers are missing, or want to see a trail of all the transactions happening on the platform? Head to the Container Upload Logs module to find the answer to those and many more questions. 


  • Duplicates
  • Invalid Containers
  • Invalid SCACs
  • Invalid Payload
  • No Error
  • All
  • Recent Uploads
  • Out of Quota
  • Download reports 


'Duplicates' tab contains containers that were not uploaded since they are a duplicate of another entry that is already on the system.

Our system creates a unique id for each container entry. It is an aggregation of the following 3 values: 
- Container No;
- Bill of Lading No; and
- Carrier SCAC

Here is an example

OERU4075943 - OERU4075943 - COSU has been previously uploaded to the system on 20th September 2022. 

Let's head back to the 'All' tab next to find out when was this container uploaded to the system for the first time.

  1. Paste the container number into the search field - i.e. OERU4075943;
  2. Check the 'Error' column to get context behind why the upload has failed;
  3. Lastly, check the 'Validation Status' to see if the container has been uploaded successfully. If it was, 'VALIDATED' status will be shown. 

So in this case, the container was first uploaded on the 19th September 2022 at 17:33. The two subsequent uploads failed since both were duplicates of the first upload. 

Invalid Containers 

'Invalid Containers' tab contains containers where the Container Number provided might be incorrect. 

For instance, the following container number is incorrect - HLBU3214591. 

Hapag-Lloyd uses HLCU prefix for their shipments

We recommend that you download the list of the containers with incorrect container format error and double check the input with your operations team. Typos are quite common with this type of error. 

Invalid SCACs

'Invalid SCACs' tab lists cases where an incorrect SCAC code has been provided. 

In the example below, we observe the user input a place holder value under the Carrier SCAC field. It should instead have been CMDU - for CMA CGM container. 

Learn more about Carrier SCAC codes and how to find them via Portcast Carrier Metadata module.  

Invalid Payload 

[API User Only] 'Invalid Payload' tab contains cases where incorrect inputs were provided at the time of the API upload.  

Refer to the separate section on Integrating Portcast APIs for more context.

No Error

'No Error' tab contains a list of all the containers that were successfully uploaded. This is evident from their 'Validation Status' which will be set at 'VALIDATED'

Use this tab to keep track of the exact time and number of all the containers that have been uploaded to the Portcast system for invoicing purposes. 


This tab contains all of the container upload transactions recorded in our system. 

You can search for individual BL, Container Number, or Errors in the search field to identify relevant entries. 

Recent Uploads

This tab will only show that latest uploads that happened in the last 48 hours. 

Out of Quota

This tab will help you to identify any containers that failed to upload due to you running out of credits quota.

Contact your account executive to extend the quota or email us at

Download reports

Need to inspect some of the errors further? Click on the 'Download' icon to export the container logs into a CSV file. 

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